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Restoration Auto Supply started out as Automotive Parts & Tools, Inc. in 1997. Our specialty was serving our export customers in the country of Chile. Our first introduction into the classic parts business was in 1999 by a Chilean customer of ours who had a collection of antique cars. By the year 2005 word had gotten around that our specialty was parts for 1949-1959 Ford & GM cars and trucks. Even though we have never abandoned the traditional aftermarket and still sell parts for all cars including Japanese, Korean, and European vehicles the majority of our sales lie in restoration parts.

Our company has two websites because unfortunately we were not able to merge both parts of the business into one. Therefore, some parts might appear in both websites under different part numbers but for the most part both websites have different parts for the same car. If you are looking for restoration parts such as body parts, interior and exterior trim items, this will be your primary site but if you are looking for mechanical parts not found on this site such as brake, chassis and engine parts, then go to to view all aftermarket parts available for your car.

We will happily combine your shipping from both websites so you will never pay more than you have to for shipping, just click on Will Call or Customer Pickup in the checkout page and we will let you know the exact shipping total. We have discounted rates for DHL, Fedex, and UPS international shipping. If you don’t find what you are looking for in any of the sites than please reach out to us via email or phone.

We are constantly locating used parts for our customers when new is simply not available. Furthermore there are so many parts out there, there is just not enough time to put all parts available on our website. Our website just shows a fraction of all the parts we sell. Whether it is a Hot Rod, or a Hybrid we sell all parts for all cars, so please think of us for all your parts needs.