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Refunds & Returns

Refunds & Return Policy

We do not give our customers a hard time with reference to returns but we do have certain policies which we strictly adhere to.

We will gladly accept any Stocking Part including electrical parts returned as long as they were never installed and in an unopened box.  If the packaging has the factory tape on the box or the part is shrink wrapped, we expect the item to be returned in the same condition as you received it.  If we ship you a clean box, please do not send back a box full of greasy hand prints, because then we cannot resell the item to another customer.  Items exposed to the elements, such as wet and damaged boxes, rusty parts, etc. will not be accepted. In other words, please return items back in exactly the same condition as how you received them.

Please contact us via email for an authorization to return any part. Please do not put shipping labels on the actual box of the part. Use an outer box onto which you will affix the shipping labels. Please write on the outside of the box with a marker the invoice number of the order. Please copy us on any tracking information. Do not ship back parts via the post office unless you are able to get a tracking number from them.      

No-Restocking Fee:

Stocking parts are returned within 90 days in exactly the same condition as they were received.

20% Restocking Fee:

Stocking parts are returned after 90 days, but no longer than 1 year from date of purchase in exactly the same condition as they were received.

No Returns:

Non-Stocking parts which are drop-shipped from the manufacturers to the customer. All parts on our website specify whether it is a Stocking or a Non-Stocking part.

Shipping Costs are not refundable. We do not refund any shipping costs paid for by the buyer for outgoing or incoming packages. Packages shipped Free Shipping will be subject to a $20.00 handling charge to cover our costs in shipping out the package.